S Family Spring Session | Birmingham, Alabama Baby Family Photographer

It was such a beautiful afternoon for pictures when the S family met me at the winery at sunset.

Little Grant was in the best mood and loved the camera (as usual!)

He loved mommy & daddy snuggle time!

His “baby” look is slowly fading away so we had to get some in just his jeans! So sweet!!

I love the bright & simple colors mom & dad chose for pictures.

Grant’s first encounter with a dandelion;)so cute! He was like “wait! what just happened?!” lol

Such a sweet happy boy! Its always such a pleasure to take your photos, S family!!

Liam is 6 Months | Birmingham, Alabama Baby Photographer

My little guy turned 6 months old the other day! I cannot believe how fast time flies!

He is such a sweet and loving little guy. He loves me and his eyes just light up when I enter the room just like his brothers did/do. He admires his big brother so much and Jude loves HIM so much! It truly makes my heart hurt from loving them both so much! Ahh! lol!

Mommies Im sure you know what I mean!

The fun thing about photographing your own kids is you can dress them and style them however your heart desires! Im loving my new older baby outfits that are coming in! Such pure sweetness! No big outfits to take away from their littleness! I just love the simplicity! <3 swoon!

These outfits are in the studio for you all to use on your littles!:)

Those eyes. He gets compliments left and right over those gorgeous eyes. And when he stares at me with those baby blues so lovingly, my heart just melts y’all. He can have whatever he wants! haha!;)

I love you Liam. I need you and your brother and your daddy like I need oxygen to breathe! You complete my life and Im so thankful to God for giving you to me to care for!!!

Meet Walker | Birmingham, Alabama Newborn Photographer

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting this little miracle.


Born April 8th at 8:42

7lbs 11 oz 19 inches

Walker was diagnosed with a heart condition while in the womb and his parents have known that he will need surgery.

After his birth the doctors met and decided the surgery will happen this Tuesday 4/15 at 8am.

Can you all please join me in praying for Walker and his family! Pray that the surgery will go smoothly and that the heart will be fully repaired and that Walker’s journey will somehow impact the lives of those around him for a Kingdom purpose.

Here are some photos of my time with Walker and his family in the NICU yesterday.

Mommy got to give him a bottle while I was there.. This is her burping him. He grunted the whole time like “Give me that milk back mommy!”;)

I loved seeing his little mouth and eyes open:)

Big brother (just as handsome as little brother);)I hear is being quite protective of baby Walker. This is mommy’s Facebook post yesterday:

“Nurse comes in to take Walker’s vitals and Riley starts watching her. Riley: That’s my brother, leave him alone.”
Nurse: I am just checking him out.
Riley: You makin him cry!!
Everyone kind of snickers.
Riley: put hims shirt on! He cold!
Sweet boy is already watching out for baby brother”

haha. that just cracked me up! Ive known Riley since he was 3 months old! I can’t believe it!

Look at that (those) sweet faces!!

The giraffe is a print mom had made to frame in Walker’s giraffe themed room when they get home from the hospital. All of his visitors are putting thumb prints on it and signing it, including the nurses. Such a great idea!

Mommy & Daddy made a heart out of their prints <3

Momma got to hold Walker for some pictures while I was there. His stats went up from all that lovin’! Of course they did!:)

The love just overflows!!

Of course big brother has to help out with the paci. Such a great big helper!

My favorite pictures of the day.. Riley lovin’ on Walker <3

Congratulations to you guys on the addition of baby Walker! I am so happy for you!! Love you guys!!!

If you’d like to read more about Walker’s story and join us in praying for him visit Ashley’s blog by clicking here!


Reese’s First Birthday Party | Birmingham Alabama Event Photographer

LB Studios offers Birthday Party Coverage for clients to capture these special memories! It lets mom & dad (and grandparents!) truly enjoy the day and not have to worry about lugging that camera around!

I get truly excited when its one of my former birth clients that ask me to photograph their event. What a true honor to be there since day one capturing memories for a family!

I have the best job around;)

Happy 1st Birthday Reese! Your family loves you a lot! Ive witnessed it;)

 Moms “you are my sunshine” decor idea was ADORABLE! Love this theme. Reese’s room has a yellow theme so it was a perfect fit! And aren’t those cookies precious!? They tasted delicious too! And the cake– well, if you weren’t there you missed out!;)

The balloons were definitely a hit among the littles;)

Such a cute setup!

It was a beautiful day to have a party!

I love that when I attend a party the family gets a few family shots to remember. The generation shot is always my favorite!

Present time!

And the main 1 year old event, CAKE!

And everyone needs a series with the cake baker herself;)I think Reese loved it!

While everyone else helped themselves to yummy cake, Reese got to finish hers off:)And boy did she enjoy making a mess!

Another favorite part of 1st birthday party coverage.. I get to do a little bit of lifestyle photography. What beautiful light they had in their bathroom. Made for gorgeous mommy & daddy interaction shots! <3 These moments pass all too soon!

^^^And I had to throw this shot in there that I took for myself… Look at all that LB Studios art ^^^

Love seeing how clients use their prints!!!

Happy Birthday Reese! And happy 1 year with your little girl mom & dad! You survived the first year! That’s a cause for celebration!;);)

A Mother’s Love | Birmingham, Alabama Newborn Family Photographer

Wonderful Mother 
God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.
by Pat O’Reilly

F o r m s